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Since 2016

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In 2016, Florencia and Raquelina came together to revalue forgotten traditions, roots and trades, preserving the “Gaucho culture”. Wealth associated with a lifestyle from your country.

Its place, Villa Solís de Mataojo (founded in 1874), a small place with broken horizons of mountains, located south of the Uruguayan territory. This is where the story began.

The close link with the rural environment, as well as the coastal area, along with their proximity to nature gave Flor and Raque a careful, leisurely and flourishing way of life that inspired them to promote the SW handbags Project.

The creation of innovative artisan products, 100% handcrafted by independent artisans from across the country. Their careful and limited production makes them especially exclusive.

Traditions influence more than trends, each carefully crafted piece tells a story, each detail a tradition.

SW handbags - signature designs - creates products with noble quality raw materials, wool, rawhide, cattails, amethyst, among others, originating in Uruguay.