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SW handbags is a handcrafted accessories brand.

The brand captures the traditions of the Gaucho culture by the use of leather, wool, natural fibers, cotton and semiprecious stones but adding creativeness and luxury to their designs.

The independent artisans  from the region preserve their skills and our culture, guaranteeing  that our handbags will never be part of a mass market but a unique and timeless designed piece.

Founded in 2016 by Raquel Nicolich and Florencia Diaz, SW stands for South Wool, for the excellent quality of the wool we produce in Uruguay and export to the World.



Administration and Business Secretariat – Instituto Crandon, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Founder and partner of Southwool


Florencia began her career working in diplomatic and international organizations in Uruguay.  When she moves to the countryside she starts investigating the development of spinning wool and hand dye it. In 2003 she founded the Southwool brand.

In her  interest to expand the company, together with Raquelina they  begin to develop  and design SW handbags from natural raw materials.




Majored in Fine Arts at UDELAR  and Pedagogy at FLALU - Montevideo, Uruguay. 

Founder of the SER Association and Partner of Southwool


Raquelina works in clothing design, focusing on the recycling of materials as the basis of all her creations. She has developed garments for children, ladies, haute couture and theater costumes.

Today she is designing bags with noble materials maintaining traditions in collaboration with rural men and women.

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